Why is it important to get hydrated and always use cycling water bottles

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The importance of drinking enough when you do sport

When you ride your bike, and when you do all other kinds of sport, it is extremely important to take care of your hydration. Drinking when you do sport does not only help you quenching your thirst after a big effort, it is also necessary to integrate the water resources that get lost during the sport activity. Not to get dehydrated, it is better to follow the advice that your body gives telling you that you are thirsty!

Dehydration comes when water is insufficient in blood, blood becomes denser, the heart needs to start pumping more and the system, having to face an excessive effort, faints. If you do sport at a competitive level, you will find it useful to know that, if you do not drink enough, you will not “only” have health problems, but also your performances will become worst. It is estimated that a minimum level of dehydration can make the performances of a cyclist become less effective by 30%. One more reason to take care of your hydration!

Tips for a good hydration during sport

You need to drink in the proper way, though. Let’s begin by quantity: there is a maximum level that you should not exceed (about 9,5 liters a day), but there is not a minimum level. However, in general it is estimated that, to reintegrate the right quantity of water, it is necessary to calculate 1 ml of water for each calorie you burn. Moreover, it is important to drink often and in small doses: if you drink too much water all at once, indeed, your body feels that there is an excessive level of water and it expels it faster, not permitting you to reintegrate the water resources.
What should you drink? The simpler answer, which is also the correct one, is water! Pure water, indeed, is the main drink that each cyclist should have, alternating it with water containing also a mineral supplement. You have to avoid energetic, sugar and – of course – alcoholic drinks.

I.GLOO, the professional cycling water bottles

Being hydration so important for each cyclist, the accessories used for this scope should not be underestimated. Professional cycling water bottles are necessary instruments: a perfect example, in this sense, is I.GLOO, a thermal bottle that is characterized by a double-wall system and the reflective gap. Completely made in Italy, the bottle is made with an odorless material and can be completely decomposable to make it easy to wash it. Moreover, it is very light (138 g) and it has a thermal capacity till 2 hours.

Why is it important to get hydrated and always use cycling water bottles

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