Italian cycling gloves: why are they useful for all seasons

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The functions of Italian cycling gloves

Gloves are usually seen as winter accessories, but cycling gloves are very useful instrument for all seasons, and an accessory you should never renounce when it is cold, but also when it is warm!

If in everyday life gloves play a specific role, i.e. protecting yourself from low temperatures, when you ride your bike they also have other functions. In winter gloves are obviously used to keep your hands warm and to allow you to ride your bike also when it gets colder, but this is not the only reason why they are used. Each cyclist, no matter if amateur or professional, knows well that Italian cycling gloves are necessary to keep a high level of comfort, which might be compromised when you hold your hands on the handlebar for a long time. It is true that pedals are moved by your feet, but it is also true that also hands play an important role, as it is with your hands that you can keep control of your bike and you brake, and it is important to be sure that your hands are always in good condition!

Winter gloves

Gloves are useful in all seasons, but obviously the models that you used in summer are very different from the ones that you use in winter. Winter cycling gloves, indeed, are conceived to keep your hands warm but also to ensure cyclists’ comfort, thus they are realized to achieve both objectives: winter gloves, indeed, are made with a warm and breathable material in the inner part, and with a windproof and waterproof material outside, and they have been conceived not to hinder the cyclist’s movements, ensuring the greatest practicality and functionality possible.

Sommer gloves

In summer, obviously, fingers do not risk freezing, and gloves do not have to keep your hands warm, on the contrary, they need to avoid this. For this reason summer gloves are fingerless and made with breathable and protective materials at once.

Italian cycling gloves: why are they useful for all seasons

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