Stabilus®: the bike stand 100% Made in Italy

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Stabilus® is the bike stand suitable for every kind of wheels that allows the riders to park his/her bike everywhere. The most important element that characterizes this bike stand is the innovative wheel support system with mechanical lever which is driven by the weight of the bike.

Stabilus® is available in three different models: Stabilus®, Stabilus 2.0® and Stabilus Vertical.


Stabilus® is the bike stand able to guarantee the maximum level of stability and practicality in inserting and removing the bike. It can be used for every type of bike: from racing bikes to e-bikes, from MTB to trekking bikes with mudguards. Stabilus® allows parking the bike with both the rear and front wheel ensuring safety and stability. Furthermore, this bike stand has been designed to prevent damage to the spokes and the frame.

Innestix, available as optional, allows you to hook more Stabilus® simultaneously creating in this way a unique rack for bikes.


Stabilus 2.0®

Stabilus 2.0® is the evolution of Stabilus®. What makes this bike stand different from the first one is the possibility to fold it up. This system allows you to transport it easily anywhere thanks to its practical bag included in the package.

Stabilus 2.0® bike stand is suitable for all types of bike: from e-bikes to road bikes. It weighs only 2.5 kg and measures 44x41x15 when closed. Like the Stabilus®, the Stabilus 2.0® guarantee excellent stability both on the rear and front wheels. Furthermore, leaning only on the tires, it does not damage the spoke or the frame.


Stabilus Vertical

Stabilus Vertical is the universal bike stand designed for those who need to optimize space in the store or at home. Stabilus Vertical combines the features of Stabilus® with the practicality of keeping the bike upright.

The height is adjustable for every types of bike.

Thanks to Stabilus Vertical you can keep your bike in the normal position or position it vertically optimizing in this way the space and ensuring maximum stability.

Available optional: e-bike battery support to be fixed to the Vertical bike stand.

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Stabilus®: the bike stand 100% Made in Italy

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