Cycling in the Land of the Duke with Gist

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Gist travels through the Land of the Duke, a journey covering all the cities belonging to the ancient Duchy of Urbino: Senigallia, Pesaro, Urbino and Gubbio.

The ambitious tourism project of the Land of the Duke was born a few years ago, in 1999 when all the cities agreed on a plan to allow an area with great tourism and cultural potential to renew its image, becoming known by everyone.

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The views in these areas are unique as far as the Italian tourism offer is concerned and represent the ideal cities created over the years by the eight dukes of Montefeltro and Della Rovere.

A cycle route perfect for bicycle touring

”Cycling in the Land of the Duke” is the name of the cycling route specifically conceived for bicycle tourists through beautiful places and landscapes depicted in the most famous paintings of the Renaissance and Italian art cities with a high historical value.

The route can start in any of the four major cities (Senigallia, Pesaro, Urbino and Gubbio) and is just less than 450 km long, winding through low traffic streets with great views on the Adriatic coast and the Apennines mountains.

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Sky Sports wears Gist Italia

The collaboration of Gist with Sky Sport was born almost by chance and has developed into an adventure taking us around the beautiful Land of the Duke.

So here we are, going around with the Icarus 2.0 program together with Roberto, Mattia, Marco and Laurent, four guys who love cycling and cycling routes but especially love to test themselves, having fun and experiencing new things!

During the first two episodes the small group reached the cities of Senigallia, Pesaro and Urbino, even enjoying a few moments to relax and a massage to be able to start the next day in the best shape.

We look forward to the next episode where we are going to visit the beautiful Gubbio with its gray stones and its fascinating history.

Here are the first two episodes:

Cycling in the Land of the Duke with Gist

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