Kona, the innovative bike helmet with lights for your safety

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The importance of safe cycling

Cycling is passion and sense of freedom, but in order to completely enjoy the feelings that this sport can convey without having any problem, it is necessary to take the necessary precautions and be sure that you have all the instruments to face any situation.

Cycling lights, necessary instruments

Among the accessories that you cannot leave out, when you ride your bike, we must speak about cycling lights: necessary to improve visibility while you are riding, as well as to make you stand out when you ride on busy or poorly lit streets, lights become essential to ensure cyclists’ safety.
Many accidents occurred to people that move on their bike or that make this sport, indeed, are caused by the lack of visibility, but it is not so difficult to avoid this type of accidents: on the market you can find different typed of bike lights, and no cyclists should do without.

Discover Kona, the bike helmet with lights presented by Gist

One of the most interesting new products presented by Gist at CosmoBike is Kona, a helmet that has been conceived to totally preserve the safety of cyclists. Like all the other helmets offered by Gist, Kona has been created to protect the cyclists’ head from blows or shocks, but the main peculiarity of Kona is the back light, which allows perfect visibility. The light is the surplus value of this helmet, which is appreciated also because it is compact, aerodynamic and light. These peculiarities make Kona enter the elite of the best Gist helmets.
Available in different sizes and colours, this bike helmet with lights is perfect for those who are looking for a product that make bike excursions 100% safe. And if you ride in conditions where the helmet bike is not necessary, you have the chance to remove the back light and replace it with a special cover.
Visit Gist website to view all the variants at your disposition!

Kona, the innovative bike helmet with lights for your safety

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