Gist presents Stabilus®, the innovative universal bicycle racks

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Accessories to take care of your bike

If you have a passion for cycling, you will certainly handle it with kid gloves just you would do with a precious object or with a special friend. To help you achieving your mission, the sector of bike accessories put at your disposal many objects that have been especially conceived to take care of your bike in every moment, even when it is at rest! This is the case of bicycle racks, a very useful instrument that permits you to park your bike anywhere, without having to put it against a wall, with the risk of ruining it.

Floor bicycle racks

The floor bike rack solves the problems also of those who do not have an own box and need to leave the bike in a common space, which often is very tight and not equipped with bike parks. On the market you can find various types of floor bike racks, but they are not all the same: some bike racks, indeed, are perfect for mountain bikes, other have been conceived for racing bikes…not to mention the different forms and levels of quality of the materials used to make these objects, which can vary a lot!

Stabilus®, a universal and useful bike rack

If you are looking for a latest generation, high-quality and versatile model, Gist serves you the solution on a silver platter: Stabilus®, an innovative model that is easy to use. First of all, it is a universal bike rack, which can be used with all types of wheels: both if you have a 27”or 29” mtb wheel and if you use a racing bike, indeed, you can use Stabilus® without any problem. The innovative bike rack, moreover, can be used with E-bikes. But it has also other advantages: while some bike racks have not been perfectly designed and risk to damage your bike, Stabilus® has been conceived to preserve the brakes and the rear derailleur.
Another strength of Stabilus® is its being easy to use: it allows you to park the bicycle with both the rear and the front wheel, and in any case safety and stability are guaranteed.
With Stabilus® your bike will enjoy its well-deserved rest!

Gist presents Stabilus®, the innovative universal bicycle racks

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