Italian cycling apparel for free ride: what is necessary to have fun in a safe way

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The necessary equipment for free ride

To do free ride you need training, strength, courage, passion…and the proper accessories! Every discipline requires proper clothing and specific accessories to avoid problems and dangers, and this is even more important if you are dealing with extremer and less dogmatized sports, like free ride.

The name itself of this discipline suggests that it is a sport that you do freely, without any bond dictated by schedules or chronometers. This freedom might also result into very difficult situations, and indeed those who do free ride often make incredible movements and jumps; for this reason it is extremely important to have at your disposal all you might need to face any accident during your bike adventures!

How to choose the perfect free ride Italian cycling apparel

Free ride equipment should include both protective elements and items of clothing especially conceived for sport activities. As far as clothing is concerned, you only need to use specific clothes for cycling and in particular for mountain biking (if you want special quality and style, opt for Italian cycling apparel): an undershirt in technical fabric to maintain your body temperature in winter and absorb sweat in summer; t-shirts with short or long sleeves made of breathable, lightweight fabric and conceived to be worn under protections; resistant and breathable shorts, with reinforced seams and made with materials characterized by a good abrasion resistance. Also the choice of shoes is very important: they should be rigid but without cleats.

Protections and helmet

However, specific items of clothing are not enough in free ride: it is necessary to use also appropriate protections. In this sense, you should not underestimate the important function of back, elbow and knee protections, which can really help you in case of disastrous falls, but the protective equipment should also include a full helmet and possibly a mask to protect your face and eyes.
With the proper accessories and clothing, you can do free ride in a funny and safe way!

Italian cycling apparel for free ride: what is necessary to have fun in a safe way

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