How to clean the bike in the best way using bicycle cleaning products

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The importance of bicycle cleaning products

If you think that cleaning a bike is only a secondary activity, which only needs to be done when you want your bike to look brighter, you’re wrong! Cleaning a bike, indeed, is a good way to check that all of its components work well; moreover a clean bike, with no dust or mud, helps you to achieve better performances. In order to clean your bike in the best way, avoiding ruining its components (which might be very delicate), you need to use specific bicycle cleaning products.

What products to use?

General detergents (the ones that you can use to clean your house or wash your car, for example), have not been conceived to clean a bike, as a consequence they might be ineffective or even damaging. For this reason it is better to use at least one degreaser for bikes and specific cleansers for discs and circles, as well as brushes, a sponge, a chamois leather cloth and cotton cloths. You can use a more powerful degreaser to clean the transmission and remove both grease and dirt, while a less “aggressive” degreaser diluted in water is enough to clean the rest of the bike.

Guide to the cleaning of your bike

The transmission is the first part to clean: apply the detergent and allow it to work for a few minutes. Then remove the dirt using a specific brush or sponge on the various components of the transmission and rinse with water. Now you can start dealing with the brakes, spraying the specific detergent for discs and allowing it to work. In the meantime dilute the detergent in water at room temperature and apply it on all the other parts of the bike with a sponge, trying to clean also the most hidden ones. Allow it to work for a few minutes, rinse and use the synthetic chamois leather cloth to dry the bike (this is a fundamental thing to do to prevent rust formation). If you want to create a protection from sun and dust, in the end you can apply a polishing wax (do not apply on circles, disc brakes, suspension stems and bike chain), using clean cotton cloths.
Now your bike is perfectly clean and ready to face every adventure in the best way!

How to clean the bike in the best way using bicycle cleaning products

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