Gist at the MTB Alpago European Championships

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For the last year, Gist Italia has been preparing for the MTB Alpago European Championships, one of the most important competitions for professional mountain bikers.

It has been an intense year for us, committed to the promotion of a sport that we believe in and that is fast growing in popularity: Mountain Biking.
And to think that the first MTB world championships were held as recently as 1990, featuring only two disciplines (cross country and downhill)!
We have come a long way since then, overcoming obstacles and difficulties just as on the best single tracks.

Alpago: the perfect circuit for MTB professionals

And here we are at the 2015 European Championships in Alpago. The circuit is just the right mix of asphalt, dirt road and forest trails with few flat sections and many climbs and descents.

At Lamosano in Alpago the world’s highest ranked athletes will contend for the title of European champion in the XCE Eliminator trial, XCO Cross Country, Team Relay and in the spectacular Trial. Altogether 627 mountain bikers will compete for the podium, 384 in the Olympic Cross Country (XCO), 108 in the Cross Country Team Relay (XCR), 60 in the Cross Country Eliminator (XCE) and 75 in the Trials.

Among the Italians we find names such as Marco Aurelio Fontana, Gerhard Kercshbaumer, and Eva Lechner, plus numerous international contenders including Nino Shurter (Switzerland), Julien Absalon (France), the Olympic champion Jaroslav Kulhavy, and last but not least, some powerful players in the Trial field such as Abel Mustieles, Alessio Povolo, Nina Reichenbach and many more!

The European Championship in Alpago sets a new record before even starting: that of the number of participating nations. With the last minute addition of two mountain bikers from Luxembourg, the number of nations represented at the biggest continental MTB competition climbs to 33.
Never before has this number been reached!

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Gist Italia between sponsorship and contest!

For this event, we decided to give our staff an “aggressive” look with sunglasses from the Kayak range, in particular the young and arrogant Nowind, this year’s latest product, with one-piece lens to guarantee a wide field of vision and maximum comfort.

What’s more, to give you a chance to enjoy our sport exhibition “live”, Gist launched a “dirty” competition, “I LIKE FANGO” (I like mud) in which our Facebook fans could vote for the winning photo of a MTB biker in full action!

Gist at the MTB Alpago European Championships

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