Race History

Although it seems like yesterday, 50 years have passed since that distant time in 1965, the year when 8 people who loved good cycling had an idea: a business of friends, all cycling lovers with a single heart beating in unison. They officially entered in the cycling calendar on October 2, 1966: three days on two wheels around the green hills of Romagna, this marked the birth of the Fausto Coppi Cycling Club. The Gran Fondo Nove Colli, a legend that spread throughout the world, started on May 20, 1971.

Nove Colli: 45 years old and still going strong

In 1971, this sport marathon counted 17 participants in Cesenatico, in front of the family coffee shop Corso at 5 am. Since then, the number of fans has soared. The route is very challenging, ups and downs in one of the most beautiful Italian landscapes, a competition that joins the “classic” ones of cycling ad is characterized by its load of difficulty and satisfaction. Since 1980, the Club also includes the Sport training centre for children and teens. It was attended also by a young Marco Pantani, the winning champion in races, but unlucky in life.

Gran Fondo Nove Colli: a peace rally

This year it reached a record, 13,000 professionals from 48 countries took part in a unique sport and peace event. The 2015 edition, the 45th in the history of the event, was held on May 24, 2015. The race consisted of a route of 200 km starting from the port of Cesenatico. These 89 climbing Km are a challenge to accept with courage and passion. For less trained cyclists there is a “short” routes of 130 km, of which “only” 50 are uphill. The breathtaking view includes the famous nine hills: from the Polenta hill there is a succession of climbs and descents, Pieve di Rivoschio, Ciola, the infamous Borbotto (with gradients up to 18%), Montetiffi, Perticara, Pugliano, Passo Siepi and Gorolo. Arrival is at the Agip Colony in Viale Carducci. Last but not least, on arrival all participants have tasted the festive welcome of Romagna! See you at the next edition!