Cycling accessories to ride your bike safe

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Helmets and more

Everybody knows well that the helmet is very useful or even necessary for all cyclists, and it is always advisable to use it, above all for children and even if you use your bike only to move from one place to another.

However, in some cases the helmet is only one of the necessary cycling accessories you should use to protect yourself, and it should be accompanied by other types of protections that can absorb the impact caused by falls or blows. If you do downhill, for example, you know perfectly what we mean!
Some specialties can be, for their own nature, as well as for the type of ground where you ride, most dangerous than other ones, thus they require specific protections. It is essential not to omit any of these protections, if you want to live your passion for bikes in the safest possible way!

Elbow and Knee Guards

There is a wide range of products that have been specially conceived to protect the body parts that are most exposed to blows or that are more delicate. Elbows and knees, for example, which can be damaged after a fall, need to be protected by elbow and knee guards, which do not only need to be safe, but also comfortable, not to prevent the cyclists’ movements. The elbow and knew guards offered by Gist, for example, are made of breathable fabrics in the part that is in contact with your skin, but the external part is made of a special plastic that can absorb impacts in the best possible way. As a result, they are resistant and comfortable at once, thanks to the junctions that permit arm and leg movements.

back protector

Cycling accessories to protect your back

To protect you back and shoulders you can choose a back protector, which can be used together with a breastbone protector. Also these protections are made of breathable fabrics and are characterized by a shape that has been specially conceived to absorb impacts and accompany the back movements at once.
Depending on the discipline you love, you can opt for the protections that most meet your needs. In any case, remember this: safety first!

Cycling accessories to ride your bike safe

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