Womens cycling clothing: the perfect combination of style and practicality

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Womens cycling clothing: a detail you should not underestimate

Bikes are very appreciated by women, who use this means to comfortably move in the city and to easily manage their thousand daily tasks, but also to do the sport – both at the professional and at the amateur level – that best succeeds in testing your resistance and will, conveying at the same time that sense of freedom and contact to yourself that many modern women seek.
In order to do this sport in the best way, trying to fully express your potentials, you need to be equipped with all the necessary instruments. Womens cycling clothing, in this sense, is a detail that you should not underestimate.

How to choose the perfect clothes to feel at ease on your bike

Several elements compose the perfect cyclist’s outfit for women, and each woman should choose the best clothes according to the season, the type of discipline and, why not, her own style. It is true, indeed, that for a person that loves cycling sport comes first, but it is also true that also a nice outfit, especially conceived for the female form and thoroughly studied, can make every woman feel at ease, pushing her to give the best while riding her bike.

Peculiarities of Gist women’s clothing line

The women’s clothing line by Gist, for example, is characterized by an elegant style that does not give up the full comfort and a perfect wearability. Moreover, the Design Technical Fit with elastic ensures a feminine line, while the colours used to create shirts, shorts and jackets have been chosen keeping in mind the feminine taste. Just like men’s sport clothing, also clothes for women are characterized by technical materials, by the crotch liner applied to shorts and by the ergonomic cut, to ensure full comfort.
And the look of the perfect cyclist can be completed by sport glasses and a professional helmet, accessories that are necessary for each authentic bike lover!

Womens cycling clothing: the perfect combination of style and practicality

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