Winter cycling clothing: it’s a matter of “head”!

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Winter protection for face and head

When one speaks about winter cycling clothing, the mind goes to jackets, underwear, armwarmers…these are all necessary clothes to protect your body from cold and bad weather, but you should not forget that it is very important to put also your head under repair, using specific products for cyclists.

We are not only speaking about caps, but also about headbands, balaclavas and headband caps: a complete catalogue of products especially conceived to protect your head and face!

Balaclavas, headbands and caps

Face skin, you know, is notably sensitive, and for this reason it is even more important to take care of it, above all in situations when it is put to the test, for example when you ride your bike during a cold winter day. The best solution, in this sense, is balaclavas. Of course it in necessary to opt for balaclavas that are conceived for cyclists, like those offered by Gist: realized in Thermodress, a warm and elastic material, the products offered by Gist are perfect to protect the face skin from cold air.

winter cycling clothing headband

To protect forehead and ears, the parts of the body that are most exposed when you ride your bike, headbands and caps are certainly the best solution: also in this case Gist offers specific models, realized with high-tech fabric like Windtex (a thermal and breathable membrane that can repel water and wind) and Super Roubaix (stretch and breathable fabric, resistant yet soft).

winter cycling clothing caps

Headband caps, winter cycling clothing useful in all the season

The same high-tech fabrics are used also to make headband caps. Necessary also in summer because they absorb sweat, headband caps are perfect in winter because they have also the advantage of keeping your head warm.
Depending on your specific needs, it is possible to choose among different types of winter protections for your head, to ride your bike also when it gets cold. What is important is to choose specific items for sport!

Winter cycling clothing: it’s a matter of “head”!

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