What to look for in an Italian crankset

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If you’re looking for an Italian crankset for your cycle you’ll want the crankset that’s best suited to your cycling needs. Some cyclists say a stiff crank is better but while for some this is true, you shoud always try and test what are the results you get (and prefer!) from a looser crank.

Another aspects that cyclists say they consider when purchasing this bicycle component is the length of the crank. While you may prefer some to thers, the length of your crank will not significantly effect the power generated or speed attained when you’re cycling, although tests have shown that shorter cranks do give slightly more aerodynamic improvements and feel more comfortable to the rider.

An important factor to consider when looking for an Italian crankset is its weight, which is dependent upon the type of metals used in the fabrication of the crankset and the size of the design.

You’ll find that Italian cranksets vary a great deal in price and materials so you should check all the alternatives in order to find the best crank to suit your needs. Ideally check some online reviews to find out what the experts are saying about the cranksets you’re looking at, or feel free to drop us an email, we’ll be glad to help!

To round up, it does seem that the shorter crank offers some aerodynamic advantages and is a more comfortable fit for the rider, reducing risks of repetitive strain injuries. So when you’re buying a new crankset you may want to opt for a shorter crank that is durable and light!

What to look for in an Italian crankset

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