Tools to train also in winter: bicycle training rollers

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Winter, the training season

Maybe winter is not the best season to ride a bike, but every cloud has a silver lining, and indeed you can use this time of the year to train and get ready for the beginning of spring.

Training is essential to every cyclist, from the most experienced ones to the beginners. Obviously the type and amount of trainings are different depending on the specialty, on the person, and on the objectives you want to reach, and indeed it is very important to personalize the training sessions basing on the individual. However, we can say that in general the training of a cyclist should pursue objectives like improvement in cardiovascular and respiratory functions and in the functions of the muscular and articulation systems. In order to reach these aims, it is advisable to alternate sessions of exercises in the gym and pure cycling.

Bicycle training rollers

To train on your bike also in winter, without going out, you can count on some instruments that are notably useful and that have been conceived for cyclists’ training: bicycle training rollers.
An excellent tool for training in all the seasons, rollers are notably useful in winter just because they let you train indoor, and in this way cyclists do not have to face weather conditions that, in some winter days, make it difficult or even dangerous to train. On the one hand, indeed, it is true that cyclists can use comfortable and effective winter clothes; on the other hand days are shorter in winter, there can be ice, snow and thick fog and this can make it really difficult to train outside.

Indoor/outdoor training: main differences

If you use rollers you can ride your bike also at home, solving all these problems. In comparison to the traditional training on your bike, training with rollers has some differences that you should keep in mind: training with rollers usually takes less time, because it implies a more intense perspiration (when you ride your bike outside, the air helps your body to cool down). For this reason, when you train on rollers, it is even more important to keep hydration under control!
Another difference is given by the fact that, when you train outside, it can be difficult to follow exactly your training plan, because you are “annoyed” by external agents, while when you train on rollers you can study (and respect) a precise plan.
Rollers, in conclusion, have many advantages, above all in winter: find the model that best fits your needs browsing Gist catalogue!

Tools to train also in winter: bicycle training rollers

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