Tips to traveling on your bike, from cycling water bottles to nutrition

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It’s time to travel…on your bike!

Summer is approaching and people start having the desire of going on holiday, and in particular to do that with means of transportation that allow them to keep in contact with nature and to fully enjoy the landscapes they pass through during their journey: in this sense, there is nothing better than a cycling tour!
To have a wonderful experience of your bike tour, without having to face any problem, you need special equipment and all the instruments that are necessary for this type of holiday, but you also need to follow some useful tips. Here are some of the most useful ones!

Equipment: cycling water bottles and more

Let’s begin with the equipment: taken for granted that the bike should be a good model, one that can accompany you in your journey like a trustworthy friend, it is better to make an inspection before leaving, to check that lights and brakes work and that tires are in good condition. But the bike alone is not enough: your equipment as a bike traveler, indeed, must include some necessary instruments: the helmet, first of all, is something that cannot miss, because it protects you in case of falls or little accidents that might happens while you are traveling. Another thing that cannot miss when you travel on your bike is the travel bag: on the market you can find many models that have especially been conceived for this aim and that allow you to take your “luggage” with you without compromising your stability.
Moreover, when you travel it is always better to carry with you cycling water bottles, not to get dehydrated, and a bike pump, to always have perfect tires.

Attention to training and food!

Choosing your equipment is not the only thing to do when you plan a bike tour: remember that you will have to count only on your own legs, thus before you start traveling try to make a precise itinerary, calculating the distances to cover and including some strategic breaks. A bit of training, before leaving, is certainly good! During your journey remember to pay attention to what you eat: have a breakfast rich in carbohydrates and low in dairy, choose carbohydrates also for lunch, while for dinner try to have dishes based on proteins and fresh vegetables, to recover the mineral salts you’ve lost.
However, the fundamental rule, for those who travel on their bike, is only one: have fun and enjoy the freedom and the contact with nature that only a bike holiday can give you!

Tips to traveling on your bike, from cycling water bottles to nutrition

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