The Rise Of The MTB Roller Trainer!

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To the untrained eye a MTB roller trainer may look a little peculiar. You may have already watched with amusement at people using one and scoffed “not me!” Of course you could be forgiven for thinking that they’re merely a glorified exercise bike, however here at Gist Italia we’re of a different opinion. So humour us for a little while as we aim to change your perceptions!

At first glance it seems like a strange way of exercising when you’ve physically got a bike to take out on the open road, however using a MTB roller trainer is becoming increasingly popular and with good reason too. One of the main reasons behind the rollers rise in popularity is the convenience it offers. For many serious cyclists the winter months are full of terrible weather, treacherous conditions and riding in darkness. Using a roller will solve this issue and more. Feel like riding at night? Got a spare 5 minutes? Jump on a roller!

If you’ve seen someone using a roller before, you can’t fail to notice how easy it looks – that’s because it is! Using a roller is as easy as a) picking up your bike, b) placing it on the rollers and c) jumping on and riding. This may leave some of you wondering, is it safe to use? Of course the answer to that question is a resounding yes! The spin generated from riding keeps you from falling, much the same as it does when you’re out on the road. This makes rollers the best natural alternative to actual riding.

The Rise Of The MTB Roller Trainer!

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