The importance of pro indoor cycling training rollers

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Indoor training is usually considered an alternative for the winter months, or those dark weather days when training, albeit necessary, is just not practical. Who would think to spend a perfectly clear, mild May afternoon inside one’s workout space, cycling on rollers? Staring out the window, or worse, at the TV, for an image one could just as well go out and experience in fresh air.

What keeps a cyclist training indoors when a perfectly good outdoors bike has been available and has worked this whole time?

The answer is results. Ironman champions, professional cyclists and fitness enthusiasts around the globe have noticed a dramatic increase in performance with indoor cycling training rollers as a principal means of training. The primary advantage of indoor training is exactly that which stands to be its weakness- a controlled setting. With the indoor rollers, the cyclist is able to wildly enhance the workout safely, and allows the cyclist to strengthen mental focus and strength in addition to muscular strength and endurance.

A novice to indoor cycling training rollers may want to use the device in a doorway or where the cyclist can stabilize, as it is up to the rider to maintain balance. This self-equilibrium, however, is a quickly and naturally acquired skill, and is vital to the mental fortitude necessary for endurance training.

Also, the need for balance is a superb motivator to maintain speed, which makes this device perfect for those wishing to turbo charge their workouts. With no forward momentum, there is less risk of serious harm should one have too much turbo in their charge, which makes bike rollers the method of choice for trainers who seek a device with results engrained in the design.

The importance of pro indoor cycling training rollers

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