The best racing bike wheels – peculiarities and main models

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Different specialties, different bikes

Cycling includes several specialties, and each specialty corresponds to a different type of bike. Racing bikes, this is self-evident, are very different from mountain bikes, for example. As a consequence, also bike components are different depending on the specific discipline, and this is true also for wheels.
The peculiarities of bike wheels might be very different depending on the discipline, and also if you are not an expert of the sector, it is easy to understand why: a cyclist that rides a mountain bike is expected to face grounds and paths that are completely different from the ones that a racing cyclist has to face, and the wheels need to be able to fit each type of ground.

Peculiarities of the best racing bike wheels

Let’s have a look at the best wheels for racing bikes!
First of all, let’s try to think about the peculiarities of road cycling: those who do this discipline know well that speed is extremely important. As a consequence, also the wheels for racing bikes have been conceived to allow cyclists to reach high speed, and indeed they weigh less and are characterised by excellent aerodynamics. To limit the weight of wheels as much as possible and improve the bike performance, racing bike wheels are made with light materials, such as aluminium.

FIR models

A good example of a very light wheel, therefore good for this discipline, is the Superlite 12-26 FIR model. A benchmark for those who seek aerodynamics and speed, this model is made with aluminium and is a perfect combination of lightness and solidity. It is also appreciated from an aesthetic point of view.
Also carbon is a very appreciated material in the making of wheels for racing bikes, and a perfect example in this sense is the Killing Carbon model by FIR. No wonder that these light and efficient wheels are the choice of those who wish to reach the highest possible speed during time trials.
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The best racing bike wheels – peculiarities and main models

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