Smp saddles for all needs

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Cyclists understand the importance of a good saddle when biking on a regular basis becomes part of a regular routine. Smp saddles offer the cyclist comfort and great performance, they’re often chosen when cyclists need high performance saddles and are experiencing some discomfort from regular riding.

Expert Smp dealers will be able to advise any cyclist on the best Smp saddle to suit their needs. These saddles have been ergonomically designed to provide the best seat for cyclists and avoid stress to the pelvic region during prolonged cycling or physical traumas due to impact.

Road cyclists face compression stresses due to prolonged amounts of time spent sitting on the bike saddle, so lightly padded seats are recommended as a minimum. As a rule of thumb Smp dealers would generally advise cyclists to select the most padded saddles for mountain biking, off-road cycling and any cycling that involves stunts or jumps, such as street or trial. The extra padded saddles are advised because this type of cycling leads to even more violent impacts, causing added stress on the cyclist’s pelvic area. The added padding on Smp saddles are better at absorbing the roughness of terrain ridden and more effective at protecting the rider against pelvic trauma.

Choosing the right Smp saddle will also involve analysis of physical build, weight, age, pelvic conformation and measurement of pants size/height/weight to work out whether narrow, normal or wider saddles would be more suitable. There are a range of Smp saddles available for cyclists, so it will be easy to find one that’s suited to individual requirements.

Smp saddles for all needs

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