SMP saddles: a long history characterized by tradition and innovation

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High-quality Italian saddles

Made in Italy products are a guarantee of quality also in the world of cycling, and a good example in this sense is given by SMP, a notable Italian company specialized in the production of high-end ergonomic saddles distributed by Gist.

SMP saddles have a long history marked by tradition but also by innovation. Founded in 1947 by Martino Schiavon, in almost 70 years the company has gone through decades always keeping pace with the innovations and changes that have characterized the world of cycling, but it has never given up an essential feature: maintaining the production and employment in Italy, precisely in Veneto, the region where the company was created many years ago.

SMP saddles, 70 years on the brink of innovation

Attached to its roots and traditions, the Italian company has never been afraid of looking at the future, on the contrary, it has turned innovation into one of its main strengths. In the last few years, characterized as they were by the crisis and by the international competition, this peculiarity has allowed SMP to continue prospering and becoming a benchmark in the production of high-quality saddles, able to make the difference.
You only need to look at the company history to understand how, especially in the new millennium, research and innovation have characterized the production of the company: in 2000, for example, SMP became the first company in the sector to have a certified quality system, while 2004 was the year when the “4bike revolution” began, with the creation of PRO, which can be seen as the starting point of a new concept of cycling saddle. The first decade of 2000 finished with another important goal for the company: the participation in the Giro d’Italia for the first time.

Different models, unique quality

Nowadays SMP is an important institution that offers various types of saddles for different specialties, and all are characterized by a thorough design aimed at creating high performance products, which can also safeguard the wellbeing and health of cyclists.

SMP saddles: a long history characterized by tradition and innovation

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