Road cycling wheels: shallow, mid or deep section?

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Cyclists know that road cycling wheels are an important asset as they are your main contact with the ground. Your cycle wheels support your body weight and are important in determining the quality of ride.

The rims on your cycle wheels are an important factor in determining quality of ride and are usually shallow section, mid section or deep section, ranging from 25mm to more than 40mm in depth.

Shallow section wheels can be very durable and usually provide a comfortable ride experience. These wheels can be used for any kind of riding and prices range from entry level to more expensive top of the range models.

Mid section wheels are not so popular but they do have a lightweight rim and modern developments in cycle wheels mean they can be ideal for general use, being light enough to use for climbing and fast enough for the open, flat roads.

Deep section wheels provide the highest speeds when flat road riding. They are great for sprinting but are also light enough for mountain riding, when necessary.

When you purchase an entry level cycle it’s likely that shallow section wheels will be fitted as standard.

Road cycling wheels: shallow, mid or deep section?

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