Polarized cycling glasses that you can use also in your free time: Raptor

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Why are sunglasses essential for cyclists?

Cycling glasses are a necessary instrument because they protect your eyes from sun, wind and in general from all those accidents that might be an obstacle for cyclists during races and training sessions. Unlike generic sunglasses, the ones for cyclists have specific peculiarities, which ensure a great comfort and a high level of protection.

What cycling sport glasses are good also for your free time?

Although polarized cycling glasses have been conceived to be worn when you ride your bike, there are some models that can be used also in your free time, like normal sunglasses. This implies that this type of glasses gives the cyclist the advantage not to have to worry about changing glasses while riding, and to be able to use the same model both if you are doing your favourite sport, and if you are enjoying your free time in other ways.

Raptor: polarized cycling glasses for all situations

A good example, in this sense, is given by Raptor glasses, which are perfect both for sport and for any other context. The Raptor model, indeed, has been conceived for sportspeople that love to wear their glasses not only when they ride their bike, but also when they have finished their sport session. In addition to being available in different colours, indeed, these glassed are provided with a metal beautifier, which makes them perfect also for those who do not want to give up style, and they are characterized also by a line that is not as wrapping as the line that usually characterizes sport glasses, and by lenses with a size that can adapt also to big faces. Moreover, lenses are available in three different and interchangeable variants (multilayer, transparent and amber) and since they are polarized they ensure a complete protection from UV rays and the elimination of cross reflexes.
These peculiarities make Raptor glasses notably good also for your free time, without renouncing to all those elements that are necessary for sport glasses, like adjustable and non-slip nose pads and the Permanent Ventilation system, which ensures a constant ventilation avoiding lens fogging.

Polarized cycling glasses that you can use also in your free time: Raptor

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