Photochromic cycling glasses: Fire and Tatoo by Kayak

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Problems of cycling open air

Cycling is one of the sports that best meet your need for contact with nature and whit its evolutions. However, sometimes riding your bike open air can cause disadvantages and little problems, which can be solved using special accessories.

If you are used to ride your bike open air, no matter in the mountains or on the plain, on paved or dirt roads, you know well that one of the main problems you might face could be caused by sunbeams, which can compromise the view preventing you from giving all your best, or even making you risk not to see the obstacles and changes in directions that you might encounter. Moreover, when you ride for long distances and for hours, the intensity of light and the sun height can vary a lot. When these conditions change, also our needs do.

The solution? Photochromic cycling glasses

The best instruments to face this problem are photochromic cycling glasses. Photochromic lenses, indeed, do not only protect you from UV rays, they are also characterized by the capacity to modify their chemical structure depending on the intensity of light. As a consequence, when light is less intense, the lenses become clearer; on the contrary, when the intensity of light increases, the lenses darken.

Fire and Tatoo Photochromic

The Gist Catalogue includes glasses with high quality photochromic lenses, like the models Fire and Tatoo Photochromic. These glasses, designed by Kayak, are equipped with lenses that are able to start a chemical reaction when they are exposed to UV rays and to the sun, which allows them to become darker in a gradual way. When light becomes less intense, lenses become transparent again.
Especially conceived for professional cyclists, these glasses ensure excellent visibility, giving you the chance to ride your bike comfortably and to reach high performances.

Photochromic cycling glasses: Fire and Tatoo by Kayak

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