Personalize your bike with Italian bicycle frames!

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Bikes, much more than means of transportation

All the people that love cycling consider their bike as a personal object, to be guarded with jealousy and to proudly show off. The choice of the saddle and of all the other elements is always made in an attentive way, to create a personalized bike that meets one’s needs.
If you have a real and healthy passion for cycling, you know that bikes aren’t bare means of transportation or instruments; they are a constitutive part of your being a cyclist. And is there a better way to make your bike unique and consider it as a part of yourself, than personalizing the main part of the bike, the frame?

Personalized Kardan Italian bicycle frames

To those that wish to have an unmatchable bike that mirrors their personality, Gist offers the chance to have a personalized Kardan bike frame.
Kardan is guarantee for quality as far as carbon or aluminium frames are concerned, products that stand out for lightness and resistance, which make Kardan frames very popular among cyclists. The fact that you can personalize the frame, without having to choose among standard and default artworks, turns it into a unique and one of a kind product!

Discover the details of the Customize service

Thanks to the Customize service it is possible to study and decide the look of your bike in great detail, choosing colours, artwork and logos. These Italian bicycle frames, indeed, can be personalized with graphic elements and writings, thus you can decide to insert your name, the name of your team, the brand and son on: there are infinite possibilities! As far as artworks are concerned, you can choose between decal and color cut.
And to add a final touch, decide to convey a shiny or matt touch to your frame!
To have the bike that really represents you, contact Gist at

Personalize your bike with Italian bicycle frames!

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