Ortler Bike Marathon – an account of a successful event!

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Cycling stars in Glorenza
The inaugural Gist – Ortler Bike Marathon has just finished: it was a sensational way to prepare for summer.
A few days ago, on June 6, in the beautiful Val Venosta the first Ortler Bike Marathon was held, a MTB race which saw riders from thirteen different countries compete on two alternative routes. Participants could choose the classic route (51 km with a vertical drop of 1,600 meters) or the marathon route (90 km with a vertical drop of 3,000 meters), both starting and ending in the beautiful town of Glorenza. The children were not left out of the fun either, as for them there was a mini competition, (4km for older children and 2km for younger children) in which anyone could take part by going to the race start point and choosing a number.

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Gist was there
The numerous bikers who flocked to the sporting event were attracted by a passion for cycling and the emotion of competitive racing for sure, but they also came for the beautiful landscapes around the events venue. This first event was in fact attended by over 1500 people many of whom came from 13 different countries.

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The Ortler Bike Marathon was created with the help of sponsors, including Gist Italy who have always made it a point of personal pride to be supportive of bicycle lovers – and thanks to the support of countless volunteers who gave their time to contribute to the great success of the event.

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Together again next year
A success that hopefully will be repeated next year to celebrate, once again, the passion for cycling which unites both children and adults, young and old people from all over the world and which allows its fans to have a wonderful experience in full view of the beautiful natural landscapes of our country.
See you next year!

Ortler Bike Marathon – an account of a successful event!

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