Nowind: from Gist cycling catalogue, the glasses for sportspeople

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Choosing the best Gist cycling instruments for sport

Riding your bike outdoor, with the air caressing your face and the sun on the horizon: few things get near to the idea of freedom and serenity as much as this image, but to make it possible it is necessary to use the proper accessories, which can accompany you during your adventures on the saddle offering what you need to live this experience without accidents. To fully enjoy the freedom that only riding your bike outdoor can give you, there is nothing better than Nowind glasses.

Only the best from Kayak catalogue

Pride of the Kayak catalogue, the Nowind model has recently hit the headlines thanks to the TV show La Sfida, on BikeChannel, which features some cyclists that wear these glasses. And it is no wonder that this Gist cycling product has been chosen for a show that is focused on sport and competitiveness: realized after years of research and tests on cyclists, Nowind glasses can match the needs of people making sport; cycling in particular, but not only that. Thanks to the high protection mask, indeed, this model is notably good for all the sports where the athlete needs a wide vision and side protection. Also for this reason Nowind glasses have been chosen by the biathlete Pietro Dutto for ski roll races in Germany!

Peculiarities of Nowind glasses

Othe peculiarities that make Nowind glasses notably good for sport are the polycarbonate lenses which ensure a high protection from light and from ultraviolet rays, making them functional and safe at the same time. Moreover, Nowind glasses have been designed to improve air circulation and reduce the risk of fogging, making it possible to always have a clear vision. Nowind glasses are also very comfortable: thanks to the nosepiece (non-slip, adjustable and made of silifon) and to the adjustable rods, this model fits every face, avoiding troubles.

Nowind: from Gist cycling catalogue, the glasses for sportspeople

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