Leather bicycle saddle bags

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There have been many bicycle load carrying innovations since the early days of cycling. The bicycle is generally expected to provide a way to carry load and make it easier and safer for the rider to cycle on. The need to provide some form of load carrying capacity has led to many innovations and materials used to make bicycle bags.

A bicycle saddle bag is actually a seat bag fixed under the seat or saddle. It is mainly used to hold small items such as puncture repair kit, first aid kit, spare tube, snacks, and all those small tools you may need when the unexpected happens. These bags range from small to large in size. The smaller ones are commonly known as seat packs or wedge packs while the larger ones are simply referred to as saddlebags. The bags have become an almost mandatory feature in racing, touring and mountain bicycles.

Leather has always been the dominant material used in making saddle bags despite the fact that it has a higher price tag than other materials. Leather bicycle saddle bags have a number of advantages over other materials such as canvas or cotton. For example, they have better water-proofing, are quite durable, come with a larger flap which makes it possible to expand the bag’s capacity, and hardly show dirt after a long time without maintenance. Most of them come with side pockets which can hold additional tools or a water bottle. You are welcome to browse through different categories of leather bicycle saddle bags at the Gist Italia website.

Leather bicycle saddle bags

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