Kayak goggles and Gist helmet: a perfect combination

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Kayak goggles – designed for cyclists

Goggles produced by Kayak are designed to fulfil the specific needs of cyclists. You can notice it taking a look at the first model ever produced by this company: the Tatoo Photochromic glasses have adjustable temples and nosepiece, with lenses equipped with a special system. When they are exposed to UV radiation or sunlight, a chemical reaction starts automatically, gradually darkening the lens; when the irradiation ends, they gradually return to their initial transparent state. There are more than 10 models of Kayak goggles available on the market, and each of them providing the same high quality. Furthermore, all Kayak goggles lenses are certified in Longarone (Belluno) at the Certottica centre.

Gist helmets: perfect together with Kayak goggles

Among Gist helmets, which is the best in combination with Kayak goggles? The variety of models can make everyone happy, from the most passionate hobbyist to the strictest professional. You can choose the line you prefer, as well as the colours from a wide and varied range, but also the kind of ventilation, size and type of lacing. Everything has to perfectly fit to the cyclist so that he can become one with his tool (the bike) and its elements (land and air).

The perfect combination

All your accessories need to guarantee a hundred percent quality, functionality, comfort, fit and durability. This is essential to enjoy a noteworthy experience, ensuring a certain degree of performance. Kayak goggles and Gist helmets tend to make you forget that you are wearing them while cycling. They both work so perfectly that they seem more like a second skin rather that external elements.

Kayak goggles and Gist helmet: a perfect combination

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