Italian cycling clothing, helmets and glasses – Special gifts for bike lovers!

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Christmas presents for cyclists

Christmas is fast approaching, and many people start asking the decisive question: what shall I give? How can I amaze my friends and relatives?

If some of the people you want to make a present to at Christmas are bike lovers, or if you do love cycling and want to make someone acquainted with one of the most beautiful sports in the world, it is easy to make your choice: buy cycling clothing or accessories! This is certainly an original idea, probably unexpected, and which will definitely be appreciated and useful.

This is a short guide to understand what are the best items to put under the tree.

Italian cycling clothing, helmets and glasses for men and women

If you want to make a present to a man, choose glasses: the Gist catalogue offers a wide choice in this sense, with glasses that are perfect also for free time, like the models Raptor and Virtual, and other that are good for all types of sports, like the model Nowind. These glasses are not only comfortable, but also stylish! And if you want your present to be really complete, we suggest that you match glasses with a helmet.

For women, who are well-known for paying more attention than men to fashion and style, we suggest that you opt for Italian cycling clothing. Who said that a sport woman cannot be feminine and elegant? The cycling items of clothing for women by Gist, realized paying a massive attention to details – also from an aesthetical point of view – are the proof that you can ride your bike without losing your style. Choose among the various models the ones that best match the tastes of the addressee of your gift, and also in this case, if you want to make a great impression, you can match a helmet, choosing among the various colours offered by Gist! A nice pink Kontrol helmet, for example, coordinated with a fuchsia Vanity Lady jacket, is an excellent solution!

The best gifts for cyclists to-be

Presents for men, presents for women…but we cannot forget children! A bike has always been one of the most appreciated gifts for children and kids; as a consequence, also an accessory for future cyclists, for example a helmet – the models for children offered by Gist are realized with colors and patterns that are good for them – will certainly be an appreciated gift, which can make a child feel like a little champion!

Choose your gifts for cyclists and..merry Christmas from Gist!

Italian cycling clothing, helmets and glasses – Special gifts for bike lovers!

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