Italian cycling apparel – summer protections for your head

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Enjoy your summer with the perfect Italian cycling apparel

Summer is coming, and for the most thorough cyclists it is time to think about the perfect Italian cycling apparel to choose when it gets hot!
What is certain is that in summer riding your bike is even better: the sun, the light, the luxuriant nature are an incentive for cyclists, but the heat, the sweat and the scorching sun can be an obstacle for sportspeople. For this reason in summer it is necessary to protect yourself, choosing some accessories that can help you to face the negative effects of the hot season. Exactly as happens in winter, when you have to wear specific clothes and accessories to protect yourself against cold, also in summer you need to use special product, like cycling bandanas, balaclavas and summer headbands.

Advantages of cycling bandanas

Summer bandanas, made of a breathable material, are really appreciated by cyclists also because they can fulfill different functions at once. In Italy they have become a symbol of cycling thanks to Marco Pantani’s deeds, whose nickname “pirate” came from the bandana he used to wear, but in general they can be considered as a useful item because they can protect your head from sun, but also absorb sweat, and many cyclists use them as hair bands. You can choose among many different colours and patterns, and each bandana can become a sort of distinguishing element for each cyclist.

Balaclavas and summer headbands

Cycling bandanas are conceived to be worn also under the helmet, but there are also specific balaclavas that can be used in place of the bandana. Useful both in summer and winter, when it gets hot they fulfill a double function: first of all, they absorb sweat, which increases a lot in summer, secondly they work as an additional protection for your helmet.
If you prefer to have your head protected only by your helmet, but you do not want to renounce to a valid instrument that can absorb sweat, the best solution is given by summer headbands: realized in different heights and in many colours, these accessories are characterized by specific materials that give cyclists the chance to ride without having to wipe the drops of sweat from their foreheads.
What protection do you prefer? Bandanas, balaclavas or headbands?

Italian cycling apparel – summer protections for your head

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