Italian carbon bike frames: peculiarities and advantages

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Frames, the bike core

The frame can be considered as the core of the bike. Depending on the type of bike, the frame has different peculiarities, and each cyclist should pay particular attention to this important part of its bike.

When it comes to frame, we must make some distinctions, not only as far the specialty is concerned (the frame of a mountain bike, for example, is different from the frame of a racing bike), but also as far as the material is concerned. Nowadays, indeed, frames can be made of aluminium, titanium or carbon. First of all, we can say that usually titanium is used for frames of the highest level, aluminium for frames from medium to low level and carbon for frames from medium to high level. Here we will deal with carbon frames!

Italian carbon bike frames: advantages

Carbon is good for the creation of bike frames because it is notably resistant to chemical, mechanical and weather aggression. Mechanical resistance combines with another very important peculiarity for bikes, i.e. lightness. Among the Italian carbon bike frames offered by Gist and that are characterised by this peculiarity, the model K7 Evo stands out thanks to its 830 grams.

If lightness and resistance weren’t enough, carbon is made even more good for the production of bikes by its capacity to confer rigidity or flexibility depending on the case, in addition to its capacity to give shape to frames that can absorb vibrations.

Types of carbon frames

The category of carbon frames includes some sub-categories: for example, monocoque frames are different form bonded frames. While bonded frames are made assembling tubes, the production of monocoque frames is made through a mould.

Now you know everything about carbon frames, you only need to choose the best one for you: Gist offers various models of carbon frames, which are made even more special by the possibility of personalizing them from a graphic point of view!

Italian carbon bike frames: peculiarities and advantages

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