Italian Bicycle Manufacturers Carry On A Proud Legacy

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The story of Italian-made bicycles is much more than a compendium of company names and profit/loss statements. When people speak of the ubiquitous Italian “good life”, they call it “la dolce vita”, a phrase known all around the world. The term reaches beyond the tangibles, such as climate, geography and architecture. As wonderful as those things are, it is the “spirit” of Italian life that has so captured the global imagination in the cycling world as well. Italian-made bicycles are another embodiment of that delightful Italian spirit, and it shows.

“Made in Italy” is another well-known phrase with which Italian bicycle manufacturers like to brand their goods because it carries with it the prestige of a high-quality product. To legitimately bear a “made in Italy” sticker is a guarantee of a top-tier bicycle, something Leonardo di Vinci and Gian Giacomo Caprotti may have had in mind when they first sketched their cycle visions, in the late 15th century.

Two famous cyclists from Italy’s “golden age” of cycling, which spanned the 1930’s to the 1950’s, were Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali, and they rode on Italian cycle frames with names like Bianchi, Bartali, Frejus, Carpano, and Legnano. The cycling “golden age” also led to the emergence of artisan Italian bicycle manufacturers such as Pogliaghi, Marastoni, Masi and Cinelli.

Today, the tradition continues, and Gist is proud to carry on the tradition of Italian bicycle manufacturers by offering the best in cycling products and accessories, including Kardan frames, Fir wheels, and GIST branded clothing.

Italian Bicycle Manufacturers Carry On A Proud Legacy

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