Italian bicycle helmets: Kosmo by Gist

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The importance of using helmets

Helmet is one of the necessary items for each cyclist, no matter the specialty. It is the helmet, indeed, that protects you in case of falls, blows and shocks, and it would be a good practice to always use a helmet from an early age, when you begin riding your bike.

Depending to the specialty, you can opt for a specific model, and each model has some peculiarities that make it better for road cycling, mountain bike and so on. However, some models are made to be good for several specialties. One of the most interesting examples, in this sense, is Kosmo, one of the most appreciated models belonging to the Gist line of Italian bicycle helmets.

Kosmo, the versatile Italian bicycle helmets by Gist

Among Gist helmets, Kosmo is certainly the one that stands out for adaptability: perfect for road cycling, Kosmo is notably good also for mountain biking, and it has specific peculiarities that make it very appreciated by all types of cyclists.

italian bicycle helmets Kosmo
First of all, it is a light and compact model, thus easy and comfortable to wear, and at the same time it is resistant to strikes and it can ensure the necessary protection, thanks to the in-moulding technology. Furthermore, the technology it is based on keeps the internal temperature low, thanks to the ventilation channels.

In Gist helmets functionality meets design

Kosmo is characterized by a plus as far as design is concerned: with its aggressive line and the separate front part, Kosmo meets also your aesthetic needs, and since it comes in a variety of colours, it satisfies even the cyclists that pay attention to style and want to match the clothes to wear.
Functionality, technology, aesthetic, and above all versatility: these are the peculiarities that make a Kosmo helmet one of the most appreciated ones by all types of cyclists.

Italian bicycle helmets: Kosmo by Gist

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