Italian bicycle frame: worldwide reputation for quality and style

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With a well deserved worldwide reputation for quality and style, Italian bicycle frame builders continue to impress the cycling fraternity. Gist Italia is a well established and innovative brand, which can be relied on to maintain the interest and praise of professional and touring cyclists alike. Their regularly updated range of accessories, produced ‘by cyclists – for cyclists’ has become an essential part of every cyclist’s equipment.

The range of clothing, accessories and, of course, bicycle frames, has been developed to ensure the interest and continuing desirability of the range. Italian bicycle frame builders use the latest materials and manufacturing processes. The use of carbon-fibre technology, including the very latest manufacturing and bonding methods, has been increasingly used in recent years, allowing the art of bicycle frame design and production to evolve new exciting designs. These latest developments in materials have opened the path for modern bicycle frame designers to refine the aerodynamic properties of their bicycle frames and accessories. This has allowed the modern cycle industry a new perspective on the technicalities of the often overlooked, but essential properties of the bicycle frame.

One of the most advanced developments in recent years is arguably the use of electrically operated gear changers. This has brought about the need for Italian frame builders to re-design their frames in order to incorporate electric, and even automatic, gear changing technology.

Another area of fast development in cyclist’s accessories has been the use of new clothing materials, allowing for greater comfort, design and style for the modern cyclist.

Italian bicycle frame: worldwide reputation for quality and style

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