Italian bicycle components: the new saddle Tioga Spyder Outland

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Robustness and comfort

If you are looking for a high performance saddle, innovative and resistant, you have just met your match: the new Tioga Spyder Outland.

The latest creation by Tioga, the Spyder Outland model can be defined as the evolution of the first Spyder, having inherited its traditional structure similar to a spider web. In addition to that, the new model stands out as far as robustness and comfort are concerned, and these are essential peculiarities for the use this bicycle component was conceived for, i.e. mountain biking and heavy off-road.

Possibility to customize the saddle

The higher level of comfort is not only given by the form of the saddle, but also by the material that has been chosen: Carbonite, a composite patented by Tioga. For Spyder Outland two different levels of density of this material have been used; as a consequence, some parts of the saddle are more rigid (thus more resistant), while other ones are softer (thus more comfortable). The standard equipment also includes silicon pads, which are easy to apply in case of necessity and which make it easier to take up strokes and ensure a better grip on the saddle. Thanks to this element, the saddle can be personalized to meet the needs of each cyclist and to adapt to the type of path you are facing.

Other advantages of Tioga Outland Spyder

The Tioga Outland Spyder stands out as far as comfort and resistance are concerned, but it also has other advantages: first of all, it helps reducing perspiration, thanks to its structure shaped like a spider web that facilitates transpiration, it can also maintain temperature. Like other Italian bicycle components, the saddle needs to be chosen on the base of the peculiarities and needs of athletes: in this case, the tapered, long and narrow shape of the saddle makes it notably good for cyclists characterized by a short distance between hip bones, but in general it has the advantage of leaving freedom f movements to thighs. The sizes of the saddle, in this sense, are emblematic: 125 mm wide, 285 mm length, 180 g weight (without pads).
Black or white, the saddle stands out also for the original design.

Italian bicycle components: the new saddle Tioga Spyder Outland

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