Hero Südtirol Dolomites: Leonardo Paez wins for the fourth time

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Leonardo Paez wins again

Leonardo Paez succeeded in a great achievement: on the 18th of June, indeed, the champion of the Olympia-POLIMEDICAL team won the Hero Südtirol Dolomites for the fourth consecutive time.

Gist at the Hero Südtirol

The seventh edition of the race that is defined as the hardest mountain bike Gran Fondo in Italy has become a prerogative of the Colombian champion: thanks to a great performance he succeeded in winning for the fourth time, wearing Nowind glasses and Ares Helmet. After having triumphed in the past three editions the champion was not sated yet, and he beat the German champion Markus Kaufmann and Daniele Mensi from Italy, with 4h34’51’’. The Colombian champion was the favourite for the race and has shown to be ready for the Hero: although he was a bit tired for the training for the qualifications for Rio, he was able to make a high-level performance, beating off stiff competition, including 4,000 cyclists coming from 50 countries. While Leonardo Paez triumphed in the men race, the women race was won by Sally Bigham of the Top Race Team. A special mention is due to Maria Cristina Misi, third classified and the only Italian on the podium, who used the Esk helmet and the Evo Kayak glasses during the race.

A fascinating setting for a tough race

Hero is an international race that stands out for the altitude: 4500 meters elevation gain for the long path (86 km) and 32000 for the shorted path (60 km). A tough race, but a race that can pay the participants back with the wonderful setting where it takes place; the race, indeed, starts from Selva Val Gardena and develops on the Dolomites, part of Unesco World Heritage and a real natural paradise that needs to be promoted and protected (the event, indeed, is organized with respect of the landscape and according to the parameters of environmental sustainability). The Hero is not only one of the toughest races in the world, it is also one of the ones that most attracts people, and for this reason it is seen as an event you cannot miss!

Hero Südtirol Dolomites: Leonardo Paez wins for the fourth time

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