GIST reviews: FIR wheels

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It is no secret that we at Gist Italia adore working with out partners at FIR. So here’s a shoutout to this wheels manufacturer in the form of a review.

Smooth, cutting, with a sharp design made to endure the tough grind of the road, FIR wheels are proud Italian production at its finest.Since the Arrigioni brothers founded FIR, or Fabbrica Italiana Ruote, in 1956, the brand has used style, science, and a gracious appreciation for user feedback to become a key player in the bicycle tire market.

FIR revolves around championship

They use professional cyclists as test subjects for their new products. This practice set the company ahead of the curve in quality, and in 1980, Fabbrica Italiana Ruote introduced the world’s first wheels manufactured from carbon. From then on, FIR has played an integral part in many cyclists’ successes, propelling Stephen Roche to his 1987 Triple Crown victory, through the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and the World Road Race championship.

FIR is now a staple tire of the bicycle racing establishment.Thanks to FIR tire designer, Matteo Nuzzi, the company has been able to roll out a new line of tires that successfully balances the beauty of design with the need for technical flawlessness. FIR’s main focus is road and mountain-bike use, and its emphasis is on outstanding performance derived from a perfection in materials, design and performance.

GIST reviews: FIR wheels

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