Aerozine is a relatively new company, but is already highly regarded as a crank set manufacturer in the market. Titanium is used to manufacture cranksets of a high standard with the use of computer aided design and engineering.

Here are some interesting specifics about the Aerozine cranksets as well as some useful information for those of you thinking about purchasing these bicycle compoenents.

X-ONE – This crankset is fully compatible with the 11-speed SRAM XX1 and can be used for XC and Enduro racing.

X10- BOX MTB – The X10 crankset provide increased stiffness and strength in a lightweight package. The X10 is designed to be used with 10-speed bikes and offers improved shifting performance and durability.

X12-FX MTB – The FX series is the entry-level Aerozine crankset, and it is a stiff and strong crank at an affordable price. The FX series is ideal for all types of mountain bikes and it allows for greater power transfer without impacting on pedaling power.

X12-SL MTB – The X12 crank is an incredibly stiff and lightweight high performance crank. The crank is suitable for top-level XC and Enduro racing.

X11-7N MTB – This hard forged crankset has superior strength and boasts a higher strength-to-weight ratio when compared to solid arms.

X13 ROAD – The X-13 RX compact road crankset is the top end performance crankset by Aerozine. The crank provides the ideal balance between weight, durability and performance.