Gist cycling glasses protagonists of La Sfida, the cycling reality show on Bike Channel

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La Sfida, the TV show dedicated to cycling

Exertion, passion, willpower and the will to face and go beyond one’s limits: this is also what cycling is about, and indeed these are some of the ingredients of La Sfida (Italian for “The challenge”), a TV Show on Bike Channel that started on the 23rd of November.

Gist cycling glasses to compete at your best

A TV Show that was conceived for the cycling lovers that want to test their capacities facing a six stage route, and that Gist is happy to support making its No Wind Kayak glasses available to the protagonists of the show. These Gist cycling glasses are perfect to face the challenges that the participants are going to meet during the seven episodes of the show. In particular, Gist glasses are wore by the De Rosa – Pissei team (one of the three competing teams), the sporting director of which is Mariuzzo Dario.

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Three teams are challenging each other (in addiction to De Rosa – Pissei, the teams Cipollini – Alè and Giant – Antonio Lupi) and each one includes five members – two women and three men – selected among many amateur cyclists. The formula is that of reality shows: the participants, indeed, are followed not only during the races, but also in other important moments that compose a typical cyclist’s day: training, meals, after race and the reflections on the day that has just finished. A good chance not only to have a close look to the life of a cyclist that has to face the efforts of the race and to the dynamics that arise inside a team, but also to grab the emotions and feelings that only a sport like cycling can convey.

The race includes six stages, during which the participants have to try and make their team win, counting only on their own strength. The winner team is the one that scores the best time: a real teamplay, exactly as happens in the world of professional cycling.

Discovering Italy

Cycling is certainly the star of the show, which has also another aim: letting the viewer discover some beautiful places in Italy. In each episode, indeed, the places where the races are held are described and their peculiarities, traditions and typical dishes highlighted.

And you, are you ready for La Sfida? Tune in to Bike Channel and immerse in the magic world of cycling!

Gist cycling glasses protagonists of La Sfida, the cycling reality show on Bike Channel

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