Cycling in winter with adequate clothes

Although the weather has been indulgent until now and fall has delighted us with some nice and sunny days – a blessing for those who have a passion for cycling – winter is starting to announce itself with the first cold and rainy days.

However, real bike lovers do not get stopped by a little more frigid temperature, especially if they know that they can count on the right clothes, conceived to let you face the coldest days on your saddle.

From jackets to cycling armwarmers, there are many items conceived for cyclists that do not want to hibernate their passion with the lowering of temperatures, and Gist offers a wide choice for both men and women.

Cycling jackets, when comfort meets beauty

The main piece of clothing that cannot miss in every cyclist’s wardrobe is the jacket, which is necessary to protect you not only from cold, but also from wind and rain. Made with elastic and breathable materials to make it easier to move and to favour the passage outside of body moisture, and enriched with pockets that make them even more comfortable, winter cycling jackets  (like the model Plus Light) have been conceived to meet all the needs of cyclists. Gist jackets, and most notably those for women, are elegant to wear and are of different colours, which makes them perfect also from an aesthetical point of view.

winter cycling clothing

Underwear, cycling armwarmers and more

Under the jacket, it is important to wear an appropriate shirt (the best ones are technical shirts, made with warm and soft materials), specific underwear for those who make this sport or winter dungarees. The underwear and dungarees offered by Gist, in particular, are made with coolmax, an antibacterial and breathable material which has been conceived to protect people from possible irritations and to absorb moisture.

You may complete your winter outfit with gloves, armwarmers and legwarmers. Also in this case, the products offered by Gist are characterized by attention to details and by the excellent quality of materials.

And you? Are you ready to face cold on your bike?