Fir carbon wheels: the quality of Italian products

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Reliability and high performances – peculiarities of FIR carbon wheels

The quality and professionalism that characterize the process of creation of many Italian products describe also FIR carbon wheels, which have accompanied cyclists for years, ensuring reliability and excellent performances.

Since 1956 FIR (which stands for “Fabbrica Italiane Ruote”, in English “Italian wheel manufacture”) has produced high quality wheels, and over times it has been able to renew and meet the needs of all types of cyclists. Founded in the province of Bergamo by the Arrigoni brothers, then acquired by Gist, FIR has always kept the production in Italy, preserving its tradition and focusing also on innovation.

A long and successful history

Innovations have characterized the long history of the company: the past and the present of FIR, indeed, are marked by many important achievements, which have been meaningful not only for the company, but also for cycling in general. FIR was the first company to introduce, in the 60s and 70s, the check and testing of products by teams of professional cyclists. Also in the 80s FIR gave new hints to the sector with the carbon technology that characterizes the Aru System wheels.

FIR today, between tradition and innovation

Nowadays FIR is a company that keeps focusing on research and innovation – thanks to the projects carried on by its expert team, without giving up the “artisan” care used in the production of wheels: each wheel, indeed, is fully assembled by hand in Italy.
Combining artisan care, tradition and innovation, in addition to a great attention to aesthetic details, FIR can offer wheels for all types of cyclists; the FIR catalogue, indeed, includes both mountain bike and racing bike wheels, different as far as size and weight are concerned. In such a vast catalogue, all products have in common some essential peculiarities: reliability and high performances.
Passion and challenge are two words that characterize the cycling world, and they are also the two elements that for more than 50 years have helped FIR being on the crest of the wave: passion for the world of bikes, and challenge to always improve, without rejecting its origins.

Fir carbon wheels: the quality of Italian products

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