Find Kardan Frames at Gist Italia

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Gist Italia is your one stop online cycle retailer if you’re looking for Kardan frames for your cycling hobby. We supply a variety of frames for road bikes or mountain bikes and you’re sure to be impressed by the top quality of manufacturing on these bikes. Kardan dealers can be hard to find, and sourcing your frame and all your cycling accessories from Gist Italia is a great way to ensure all your cycling needs are met.

Your Kardan frames are fabricated from lightweight carbon and come in a variety of colours, with custom graphics available so you can create the bike of your dreams. You can select a Kardan frame for elektro shifting, the K1 frame features integrated steering wheel and English bottom bracket. The K7 frame has integrated steering wheel and BSA bottom bracket and is super light weighing just over 800g. The heavier Cyclo Cross carbon frame has a 31.6 seat diameter and English bottom bracket, while the Krono frame is heavier still. No matter what requirements you have for high quality Kardan frames, Gist Italia are the Kardan dealers that can provide the right frame to suit all your needs perfectly.

If you’re looking for new Kardan frames for your cycle then it makes sense to get in touch with us to find out all the frames and options we have available to meet your specifications exactly. Our helpful customer service teams are fully trained to help you make the best decision on frames or cycling accessories to keep you and your bike(s) on the road at all times.

Find Kardan Frames at Gist Italia

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