Find a New Bicycle Made in Italy

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Gist Italia is a great resource for keen cyclists looking for a bike that’s been made in Italy. The Italians are renowned for making the best cycles, partly due to Italian enthusiasm for cycling and road racing from the 1940s onwards. You’ll find lightweight and classic cycles and frames at Gist Italia, as well as durable mountain bikes for off roading. If cycling is your passion then buying a new bicycle made in Italy is a fantastic choice.

If you’re looking for an innovative cycle that provides a comfortable ride and all the most modern and successful construction technologies to ensure great handling, no matter where you’re cycling, then Italian cycles are the best choice for your money. Your new Italian bike will feature the best frames of carbon and you can even build your own custom bike from kit, if you prefer. Sturdy Italian mountain bikes provide all the strength you’ll need when riding at high speeds on rough terrain and you know you can trust these top quality cycles to provide you with the best, safest ride out, no matter what the prevailing weather or ground conditions.

You won’t need to worry about accessories and fittings for your new Italian bike when you choose a cycle from Gist Italia. All the equipment you could possibly require is available from the Gist Italia website and every product is the same high quality as the Italian cycle you choose to purchase from us.

Find a New Bicycle Made in Italy

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