Find 29″ Bicycle Wheels at Gist Italia

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The lively debate over the benefits and drawbacks of 29″ bicycle wheels has not been resolved but the popularity of these larger wheels is certainly taking over the cycling world. Gist Italia stock a wide range of 29ers and you’re sure to find the best new wheels for your cycle when you shop at our online store. We can assure you of best prices and deliveries and stock a wide range of accessories for your cycling hobby.

Whether you’re looking for 29″ bicycle wheels for your mountain bike or something lightweight for your road bike, we stock the best carbon wheels that are lightweight and won’t add significantly to your cycle weight. Larger wheels are great for rough terrain as they roll over objects much easier, when you’re regularly facing rocks, stone, pebbles and pitted surfaces these large bike wheels perform much better than the standard wheels that were originally fitted to your bike. If you’re planning to change your road bike over to 29ers then you can expect to build and retain speeds much quicker and easier and the choices offered by Gist Italia give you a range of wheel options so you can make an informed decision.

You can select wheels with thin, stainless spokes and custom skids for better performance, while the carbon frames of the Gist Italia wheels help with acceleration. Tubeless tyres for mountain bikes offer you safety and high performance, while being lightweight and giving great balance, which is needed when riding those hills and mountain tracks. Check out Gist Italia for the best wheels, frames, kits and accessories to suit your cycling passions.

Find 29″ Bicycle Wheels at Gist Italia

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