Esk MTB cycling helmets and Nowind glasses starring in MTB – Sfida ai Pro

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MTB – Sfida ai Pro, the new show on Bike Channel

The TV show MTB – Sfida ai Pro on Bikechannel started on the 6th of June and is dedicated to those who have a passion for cycling, in particular for mountain bikes.

The show, which will be broadcasted every Monday until the 11th of July (with a special episode dedicated to all the best moments of the show, on the 18th of July), features 3 teams of bikers that compete to win each episode. Two teams are composed by professionals (the Scott Racing Team and the Silmax-Xbionic Team), while the third team (the Bike Channel Team) includes amateurs that are willing to compete with, and beat, the champions’ teams.

Amateur VS Professional Cylists

The members of the Bike Channel Team have been thoroughly chosen by Mirko Pirazzoli (member of the Italian cross country team from 1999 to 2007): the champion has dealt with the selections and during the shoe he will be the judge in charge of evaluating the results of each participant. The team will be trained by Yader Zoli, who is well-known in the world of MTB in Italy.
The mentor of the Scott Racing Team is another champion, Mirko Celestino, who will follow the preparation of Nicoletta Bresciani, Paolo Colonna, Franz Hofer, Yuri Ragnoli and Cristiano Salerno (these are the members of the team) till the end and in collaboration with Mario Noris. Also the members of the Silmax – Xbionic team are very hardened: the team includes Matias Armando, Giacomo Antonello, Emanuele Crisi, Michael Pesse and Cristiana Tamburini and can count on Giuseppe Giordano as a mentor.

Nowind glasses and Esk MTB cycling helmets for excellent performances

MTB – Sfida ai Pro is a TV show with a strong focus on entertainment, but also on competition and challenge, both with each other and with yourself. This is above all a show dedicated to the lovers of one of the most beautiful sports in the world, and Gist is glad to give its support through Nowind glasses and ESK MTB cycling helmets, the best accessories for mountain bike champions!

Esk MTB cycling helmets and Nowind glasses starring in MTB – Sfida ai Pro

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