DeanEasy, the innovative system for light mountain bike wheels

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More efficient and light mountain bike wheels

Gist is proud to announce its collaboration with DeanEasy and its innovative Tube+ system for light mountain bike wheels. This is a high-pressure tubular that protects rims from impacts on rocks, roots and in general obstacles that you might face while riding your bike. In particular, the Tube+ system eliminates air loss that might be caused by rim bumbs. The result is a higher safety while riding your bike, even on dangerous paths, in addition to the possibility to face races and roads at your best, without having to face problems like punctures and burping.

Peculiarities of the system

One of the main peculiarities of this system, which makes it notably appreciated, is that it is easy to use. The system DeanEasy, in this sense, can be compared to a rim with an inner tube. This is how it works: the inner tube (which is not glued to the rim) is inflated to a 6/8 BAR pressure from a valve, while from the other vale the tubeless tire gets inflated. The advantages, in comparison to other traditional systems, is that it comes down to 0,5/1 bar in an easy way and with a higher safety. Another advantage is given by the weight: thanks to the possibility that this system offers to use a lighter casing tire, indeed, both the valve and the tubular weigh less (10 and 110 g respectively).

Other advantages

With the DeanEasy system, moreover, it is possible to maintain a low pressure in the second chamber (the one between the inner tubular and the tire), since the tubular works as an internal chamber. And that’s not all: the tubular also has another, very important function: it protects the rim from possible hits.
The DeanEasy system is perfect also in extreme situations, characterised by mud and rain, thanks to its excellent grip and to the possibility to adjust the pressure for inner tubular and tubeless tire.
If you wish to have a new ride experience, this is the system you should try!

DeanEasy, the innovative system for light mountain bike wheels

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