Cycling helmets for children: bicycle safety counts!

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How to avoid dangers while riding your bike

Riding a bike, even if you do that only in your free time or in town, can have some risks: falls, heavy traffic, careless car drivers, strokes can be considered as concrete dangers. In order to reduce these risks, it is important to have the proper equipment, and in particular to wear cycling helmets.

The importance of cycling helmets for children

The safety issue is even more urgent when it comes to children and kids, who love their bike and can’t wait to begin to ride. However, sometimes their enthusiasm, combined with little experience and the carefreeness that are typical of their age, can be the cause of falls, little accidents and so on. For this reason it is very important to teach children and kids the basic rules of road safety, as well as to be sure that they are protected by means of a helmet every time they ride their bike.

Choose the best helmet for your child!

Although only in some countries there are laws that oblige children to wear a helmet while riding their bike, it is advisable to do that! Helmets, indeed, protect us from the consequences of falls and head strokes, reducing the risk of brain damages. Making children wear a helmet is a good sense choice, and finding proper helmets on the market has become easy. Since helmets became mandatory for professional races, indeed, also the variety and quality of helmets at the disposition of amateur cyclist have increased. To be sure to buy a good product, choose a Gist helmet!
To be really efficient, helmets have to be in accordance to the law; as far as Italy is concerned, it has to bear the CE marking and therefore the EN 1078 rule, which guarantees that the helmet has been designed to protect from strokes. The second peculiarity that a helmet – a children helmet in particular – needs, is the right size, which obviously does not have to be chosen depending on age, but on the head girth of the child. Choosing a Gist helmet you will have all this and much more! Conceived to be worn without problems by children, the helmets designed by Gist stand out also for the attention paid in choosing colours and patterns; this is very important because for a child the bike is a wonderful toy, and the helmet is a part of it!

Cycling helmets for children: bicycle safety counts!

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