Cycling events: Soave Bike news

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Soave Bike

The Soave Bike Marathon took place on Saturday 30 and Sunday, May 31, in a village in the countryside. In addition to the cycling race, also other events were held, making the event very interesting and full of fun.
The Soave Bike Marathon, a project aimed at enhancing both the territory and sport, was born 14 years ago in order to draw the attention of the general public on cycling and MTB. There are many opportunities for dwelling on the surrounding landscape thanks to the charming view and the route going through the vineyards. In fact, the race gives you the chance to have fun, not getting caught up too much by the competitive spirit, admiring the wonderful village of Soave.

FIR Wheels

The Soave Bike event is sponsored by FIR (Fabbrica Italiana Ruote, i.e. Italian Wheels Factory), a manufacturer of wheels for racing bicycles, distributed by Gist. FIR wheels are designed by a team of experts, they are assembled by hand in Italy, checked and developed to ensure maximum performance and reliability. FIR can fulfil any need of the market thanks to constant innovation, focusing on functionality and resistance, and paying attention to design and aesthetics.

Gist – the best cycling brands

Gist Italy is a company highly specialized in accessories for this field, distributing some prestigious cycling brands, including FIR. It produces with passion and enthusiasm lines of sportswear, frames and helmets that are carefully designed and tested to provide the best performance. The company was born from the love and passion for this sport, a passion strongly urging designers and experts to seek new ideas and solutions, always keeping in mind the needs of sporters and expressing a truly Italian style.

Cycling events: Soave Bike news

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