Cycling clothing for kids: little champions are growing up

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Children and bikes: an innate love

The bike is one of the favourite hobbies by most children, but for some of them cycling is a real passion, which should be cultivated. The young fans of the bike of the present might be the champions of the future; however, if it wasn’t so, and even if their love for cycling was only a hobby, why not to supply them with the necessary equipment to do their favourite sport in the best possible way?

The importance of cycling clothing for kids

In addition to the instruments that are necessary to do this sport (the bike, obviously, but also helmets and protections), young cyclists could find it very useful to wear specific clothes. Just like adults’ clothing, cycling clothing for kids are conceived to be comfortable and functional; moreover, you should not forget that, once they are worn, they help children to completely immerse in the world of cycling and to live their experience on the bike like a real adventure! As if it was the costume of a superhero, a cycling suit lets children identify themselves with the champions they might become or simply it makes them live their “game” in a more intense way.

kids helmet

Shirts, shorts and underwear

The shirts offered by Gist are characterized by back pockets and by technical texture, just like the adults’ ones, and they have bright colours, perfect for the young age of these little champions. Conceived for 6 to 12 year old kids, shirts can be accompanied by shorts and dungarees. For the children that do not give up their favourite sport not even in winter, there are winter underwear, and the outfit of the champion-to-be can be completed with gloves, socks, overshoes.
No matter if kids become champions or if they simply love cycling: in any case, cycling clothing for kids can help children to live their adventures on the bike in the most involving and comfortable way!

Cycling clothing for kids: little champions are growing up

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